Mobile Saunas

West-coast Sauna culture has been creatively evolving in British Columbia. For over 14 years, the BC Mobile Sauna Society has been converting trucks, buses, and trailers into Finnish-style Saunas, taking their unique sauna culture into unexpected places; cultural venues, backyards, protest camps, and glacier-fed lakes to name a few. A world apart from the experience offered at hotels, spas, and rec centre saunas, the BCMSS has fostered a culture that promotes sociability, conviviality, and interdisciplinary exchange

Publik Secrets partnered with the Mobile Sauna Society to design and build a sauna that is lightweight and flexible enough to be used for spontaneous urban and wilderness applications. The result is a canvas-tent sauna that wraps onto a minimal cedar framework. This tent sauna is used for weekly sauna-gatherings in East Vancouver as an ongoing space for connection and a site for community well-being.

“We develop community bonds through shared experience and lowering barriers to meaningful interaction. our healthy socialization model promotes wellness, healthy living, rich conversations, body acceptance, interpersonal trust, and of course, fun and happiness in an open, inclusive, non-judgmental atmosphere.”

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