Tools for Conviviality

“The beauty of public spaces is that they can be transformed within moments, to anything we need them to be, for us.”
– Juliet Kahn, Project for Public Spaces

Publik Secrets explores the transformational qualities of public space in an ongoing project titled Mobile Tools for Conviviality. Referencing Ivan Illich, who theorized on the possibilities for convivial modern tools and technologies, these mobile convivial tools include a tea-serving trailer, mobile sound-system, puppet booth, and public office. They are used in spontaneous applications around the city to promote new ways of thinking about the possibilities for gathering places and the politics of public spaces. This project has taken many forms and iterations since beginning in 2014, from ephemeral deployments to more coordinated and durational public space interventions. In 2016 we collaborated with CityStudio to use the tea cart in a public engagement project.

Upcoming public intervention in downtown Vancouver as part of
February 25, 2017. Curated by Germaine Koh